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SIG Numerical Optimisation with Fluids

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Design optimisation with metamodels and metaheuristics, structural topology optimisation

Cambridge University, 16-17 April 2018

Bone chair design by Joris Laarman
Copyright: Joris Laarman

The process of design and manufacture has developed over the centuries and is now increasingly reliant on computer-based analyses to reduce development costs and timescales. This course will describe key optimisation concepts and methods which enable complex design problems to be formulated mathematically and optimised much more quickly than using traditional iterative design methods.

This course will enable participants to:

  • Formulate well-posed design optimisation problems which can account for multiple, competing objectives

  • Gain and understanding of a number of the most useful design optimisation techniques, including design of experiments, metamodeling, and deterministic and stochastic search methods

  • Gain an understanding of structural topology optimisation

  • Understand the main approaches to robust design and reliability optimisation


Registration and Accomodation

Accommodation will be available at Cambridge Uni Colleges, a number of options are offered

  • Registration for attendance only, book your own accommodation.
  • Registration with College 1 night accommodation Mon to Tue.
  • Registration with College 2 nights accommodation Sun to Tue (see under the 'Optional Items' tab to add the Sunday).

Please follow this link for reservation and registration.

Training Material


Monday, 16 April 2018

Time Topic Presenter
9-10 Design of Experiments (DOE) (Chp 8) HMT
10-11 Metamodelling Techniques (Chp 9) HMT
11-12 Workshop: DOE/Metamodelling HMT/ OMQ/ VVT
12-13 Optimum Design Concepts I (Chp 3) with very brief intro into the definition of an optimisation problem VVT
13-14 Lunch OMQ / VVT
14-15 Optimum Design Concepts II (Chp 3) OMQ / VVT
15-16 Workshop: Lagrange Multiplier & KKT HMT/ OMQ/ VVT
16-17 Graphical Methods of Optimisation (Chp 2) OMQ

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Time Topic Presenter
9-10 Unconstrained Optimization Methods (Chpt 5) VVT
10-11 Workshop: KKT/Unconstrained methods HMT/ OMQ/ VVT
11-12 Search Methods of Optimisation (Chp 6) OMQ
12-13 Multi-Objective Optimisation (Chp 7) OMQ / VVT
13-14 Lunch
14-15 Workshop: Search Methods & Multiobjective Optimisation HMT/ OMQ/ VVT
15-16 Stochastic analysis and optimisation, robust design, reliability optimisation VVT / HMT
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