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SIG Numerical Optimisation with Fluids

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  • Jens-Dominik Mueller (organiser), Queen Mary University of London
  • Thomas Rendall (co-organiser), University of Bristol
  • Eugene de Villiers, Engys
  • Peter Schmid, Imperial College London
  • Christian Allen, University of Bristol
  • Sebastian Timme, University of Liverpool
  • Harvey Thompson, University of Leeds
  • Nigel Taylor, MBDA
  • Li He, University of Oxford
  • Vassili Toropov, Queen Mary University of London
  • Tom Verstraete, Queen Mary University of London
  • Simao Marques, Surrey Univ
  • Trevor Robinson, Queen's University Belfast
  • Marcus Meyer, Rolls-Royce
  • Shahrokh Shahpar, Rolls-Royce
  • Ning Qin, University of Sheffield
  • Andrea Da Ronch A, University of Southampton
  • Andras Sobester, University of Southampton
  • Carren Holden, Airbus UK
  • Matthew Juniper, University of Cambridge
  • Steve Tobias, University of Leeds
  • Matteo Icardi, University of Warwick
  • Steven Tobias, Leeds Univ
  • Rakesh Mishra, Huddersfield Univ
  • Adriand Gaylard, Jaguar Landrover
  • Rafael Palacios, Imperial College London
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