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SIG Numerical Optimisation with Fluids

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Opportunties for Optimisation and Sensitivity Information

Discussion workshop/sandpit 16 January 2019, Cambridge University

Gas turbine with optimised fan bladesWind turbine with optimised bladesU-bend duct optimised for minimal pressure lossVaccuum cleaner with cyclone that needs optimisation

A wide range of tools were developed in the field of Numerical Optimisation to find optimal solutions, minimise specific cost functions, compute the sensitivity of constraints and trade-offs, find areas of most impact to control the flow, etc. Many fields of modelling and simulation might benefit from some of these methods. This workshop aims to provide an overview of the tools and their capabilities, provide a forum to explore collaboration with members of other SIGs under the UKFN umbrella, and conclude with sandpits toward grant-applications.

The workshop is organised by Dr. Jens-Dominik Mueller, Queen Mary University of London, and Prof. Matthew Juniper, Cambridge University.

Venue, Cost, Registration

The Workshop/Sandpit will be held at the Engineering Department of Cambridge University:

James Dyson Building Meeting Room, Engineering Department, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ.

Registration is free, but places are limited. Please register by 10 January via email to Dr. Jens-Dominik Mueller:

  • Participants from the optimisation community are invited to propose short presentations of the tools and capabilities in their groups, see agenda item 2.

  • Participants from other areas of fluids where optimisation/sensitivity tools could be applied are invited to give short presentations to outline the opportunity, agenda item 3.

  • If you’d like to present, please notify us during registration.


Time Agenda
Topic Presenter
11:00 Welcome, Coffee
11:10 0 Welcome, tour de table JDM
11:20 1 Numerical Optimisation: Overview of the SIG activities JDM
11:30 2

A short introduction to the 5 most important tools in Num Opt

Slides, part 1, part2, part3

12:20 3 Presentations by SIG Num Opt members: what expertise can
they offer, 5 min each+discussion
M. Juniper (CAM)
J-D Mueller (QMUL)
L. Magri (CAM)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 4 Case studies: succcessful use of optimisation tools JDM, MP
14:50 5 Presentations by members of other SIGs: potential uses for
optimisation tools in their field, 10 min each + 10min discussion
R. Kerswell (CAM)/E.
Marensi (Sheffield)
S. Sazhin (Brighton)
Y. Hwang (IC)
15:30 6 Q & A session: what num opt tools can work where
16:00 Coffee
16:30 7 Sandpit/breakouts to develop collaboration/grant-application ideas all
18:00 End of meeting
19:00 Dinner, further discussions
Friday 17 January: Kickoff meeting of the AI/Optimisation SIG
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